Termite Services

Integrated Termite Service

  • This service is designed to use two or more techniques to gain control of termite infestation
  • Products may include monitors, baits, liquid termiticide, termiticide foam, or borates
  • Access to the interior may be required on the initial service and subsequent follow up visits


  • Sentricon is a baiting program designed to eliminate the termite colonies attacking a home
  • Sentricon is thoroughly tracked via Dow AgroSciences' The Prolinx System, with checks and balances in place, to insure quality
  • Sentricon is less intrusive as compared to conventional treatment (there is no inside drilling)
  • Interior treatment with above ground bait stations is only performed if needed
  • Sentricon has proven termite colony elimination

Barrier Treatments

  • Features Premise 75 manufactured by Bayer
  • A 98% success rate and minimal environmental and health concerns make Premise 75 our product of choice for barrier treatments
  • Premise 75 creates a non-repellent chemical barrier
  • This type of service is also referred to as a conventional treatment

Pre-Construction Termite Treatments

Enviro-Tech Pest Services offers three different Pre-Construction Treatments to facilitate any stage of your project

  • Barrier (before slab & backfill)
  • Borate (after frame work)
  • Sentricon (after completed construction)

Termite Renewal Contracts

  • Termite Renewal Contracts are offered to customers for whom we performed a Barrier or Pre-Construction Treatment or issued a termite warranty following a Wood Destroying Insect inspection
  • We inspect homes with Termite Renewal Contracts annually or upon owner request
  • Termite warranties cover treatment of active infestation in or on the structure with the use of Barrier Treatments or Borates. Treatment is limited to infested areas only and do not provide a damage guarantee
  • Interior access is required for the annual inspection
  • This warranty is transferable to new owners

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