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We rid your home of nuisance, disease-transmitting, and property damaging pests... fast!

Pest control is not a luxury; it is something that safeguards your health, protects your property, and betters your life. At Enviro-Tech Pest Services, our Service Specialists are protectors of families, homes, and the environment. That's why the pest control products we use in and around your home are the same products we use in restaurants, day care centers, hospitals, and veterinary clinics. Each one is registered with the state for use in and around homes. We even offer Organic pest management!

We pride ourselves on the quality of pest control services we provide in our community. We guarantee to reduce pest pressure on your property through Integrated Pest Management: identification, exclusion and harborage reduction, client communication, careful choice and application of the lowest risk product to gain control, and ongoing evaluation and monitoring. When you share a concern, we guarantee to listen and to accommodate you in the safest, most professional, and most expeditious manner possible.

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